Challenge One – Inspiration

Here’s the inspirational message Martha offered our group of members attending the Saturday, January 13, 2018 meeting, ‘Inner Garden’. Share your thoughts about what inspires you in the comments section below:


At this time of year, particularly in the last two weeks, each of us has READ, HEARD, AND SAID many times ~ Happy New Year ~

Hope you have a HAPPY 2018!

We can’t pursue HAPPINESS and catch it,

HAPPINESS comes upon you unawares,

It is like a perfume,

You can’t spray it on others

Without getting some on yourself.

HAPPINESS does not depend upon a full pocketbook,

But upon a mind full of rich thoughts

And a heart full of rich emotions.

HAPPINESS does not depend upon what happens

Outside of you, but on what happens inside of you;

It is measured by the spirit

In which you meet the problems of life.

HAPPINESS is a state of mind.

Lincoln once said:

“We are as happy as we make up our minds to be.”

HAPPINESS doesn’t come from doing what we like to do

But from liking what we have to do.

HAPPINESS is found in little things:

A baby’s smile,

Hearing from a friend,

The beauty of a garden.

HAPPINESS grows out of harmonious relationships with others,

Based on attitudes of good will,

Tolerance, understanding

And love.

(It is said) – Two things are hard on the heart, –

running UP stairs and running DOWN other people.

Given by Ann Magruder, Dogwood District Chaplain