History lesson or two for 88th anniversary

Residents of Norcross usually do not even think twice about how Norcross came to be the fabulous and historic town that is.  Markers, plaques, and monument signs are within easy reach and sight for anyone interested. There's even an historic homes walking tour with map available at the Welcome Center.

Norcross resident Gene Ramsey uses his time to track, interview, tell, and write about historical people, places, and events in and around Norcross and Gwinnett County. A few years ago, the Jackson family was cleaning out the attic of one of the many historical homes and came across paperwork indicating that the Norcross Garden Club was actually formed in 1931 and not the 1958...because that's what information we had that time. The club was honored when Gene accepted our request for him to research and subsequently present to club members the findings or this research.

In the end Gene could only surmise the Norcross Garden Club was an offshoot of the Norcross Civic Improvement Club initially formed in the early 1900's. This organization held numerous garden and flower related events which seemed a natural evolution to form the garden club. It is further believed that war may have halted the happenings of the garden club which would explain the missing activity between the late thirties into the fifties.

Florence Lytle, member since the seventies

Treats and honoring Marian Lang for her long time leadership

Maureen Hann with a winning floral arrangement

Gene and Jolyn

Gene learning a thing or two from Tammy Foley

2 thoughts on “History lesson or two for 88th anniversary”

  1. I was just reading some of the history of this garden club, and the year it was started was the year that Linda DeMaris’s dad was born. (Linda is a fairly new member, and is my daughter.)
    I hope to attend your plant sale this April.
    I think Linda got her “bug” for gardening from me – her mom. I don’t profess to be a really good gardener but one that gets a lot of satisfaction from “digging” in the dirt. I moved to Georgia almost 4 years ago (April 9, 2016 was my official date for moving to Gainesville). I brought approximately 17 plants with me when I moved to GA. Not all of them survived – I think it might have been too hot for them. My arum italicum has done the best, as well as my cyclamen and cranesbill. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my Solomon’s Seal is doing pretty well, too.

    1. Thank you Kathie for the info. We love having Linda as part of the garden club family. She’s been a valuable asset to the community and group. We hope you are enjoying your new life in Gainesville. We hope we see you at the Plant Sale. ~Jolyn on behalf of the NGC

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