Norcross Garden Club


Remaining Plants for Sale

Please complete your purchases by Sunday, April 30th.  Fill out a sales form indicating the type of plant, quantity and ½ price cost.  Leave the sales form and your cash or check in an envelope inside the house.  Or you may leave it in the right-hand drawer of the green table outside the door.   Special NOTE:  There may been confusion regarding the purchase of the plants donated by the city.  The cost is $2 per plant.  There were multiple plants in each container.  If you thought the $2 price was per container rather than per plant, please bring the additional funds to the clubhouse and indicate that it is for the “Scholarship” fund.   To date, the sales of the city’s donated plants will pay for 2 scholarships to the “Wild and Wonderful Youth Camp”  Thank you for your plant purchases!! Please contact Leanne with questions.


Program Planning Meeting-Monday, May 1st at 10AM

Asta Moore, First Vice President is the chair of this meeting.  All interested members are invited to attend.


Housekeeping Day-Tuesday, May 2nd at 1PM

Clubhouse chair, Hazel Ringelstein, invites all to help clean the interior of the house.  Tasks will include the interior window and thorough dusting and floor cleaning.  We will also have an organizational discussion on the bamboo bookshelves, file cabinets and kitchen baker’s rack. Hostesses for May 18th celebration will meet after the housekeeping is finished (Sandy Pagano, Hazel Ringelstein and Jill Swenson)



Norcross Garden Club

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