Awards after the fact

We are very happy to report some great news. When the NGC Awards were announced, it was  hard to believe that none of our websites or social media pages were mentioned. Comparing our entries to the posted winners (despite being partial to Georgia), I  felt like we were very competitive. So I contacted the awards chairman and politely questioned the results. She very apologetically replied that yes,  she received our 9 applications via email -  but they were misplaced and did not get judged.
Mistakes easily happen when dealing with that many applications, and we of course were very understanding (I've made my share of errors). However, we did request that they remedy the situation by having the National judges review our applications, and if warranted, declare a tie. The Chairman and judges agreed. It took some time to complete the re-judging, since many of them were busy &  lucky enough to have state conventions.

Results are now in. Georgia received  5 additional First Place Awards.  Certificates will be presented at the Fall District Meetings with all the other NGC Awards.

Happy Gardening,
Here are the results:  Congratulations to all.    Please remember that NGC does not give out 2nd or 3rd places.  Many of our clubs who received Cert of Apprec. came in a very close second and deserve kudos.
  • MP-3 Ai   Website - Small Club- Cumming Garden Club-Tie for first
  • MP-3 Aii  Website - Med Club Roswell Garden Club- Cert. of Appreciation for Participation
  • MP-3 Aiii  Website - Large Club - Norcross Garden Club-Cert. of Appreciation for Participation
  • MP-3 Aiv Website -X- Large Club- The Landings Garden Club-Cert. of Appreciation for Participation
  • MP-3 AV  Website-Group -  Rome Federated Garden Clubs, Inc.-Tie for first
  • MP-3 Bii  Social Media-Med Club -   Roswell Garden Club-Cert.of Appreciation for Participation
  • MP-3 Biii  Social Media-Large Club - Norcross Garden Club-Tie for first
  • MP-3 Biv Social Media - X-Large Club- The Landings Garden Club-Tie for first
  • MP-3 Civ Website -X-Large State - The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.-Tie for first
Betty Benner will add these names to our awards listing posted to our website.  NGC is in the process of updating the listing on their website.