This week in the garden – vol. 9

National award The “Norcross Earth Team” youth activities have won two National awards through the National Garden Clubs, Inc. in 2020! We have been awarded two $100 checks for our first-place winnings.  Congratulations to the team and it’s leaders; Tixie Fowler, Leanne Penman and  Trudy Rupert. Friday- Sunday, May 21 – 23   Estate sale at a home of an avid […]

Why Native Plants?

You Have to Like the Caterpillars to Love the Birds. – Barbara Dorfman September 9, 2019 What a kickoff to the new garden club season! Over 40 members new and old in attendance. Barbara Dorfman of the Georgia Native Plant Society gave a great presentation on, “Why Native Plants”. Barbara is a landscape consultant who encouraged us as well as […]

History lesson or two for 88th anniversary

Residents of Norcross usually do not even think twice about how Norcross came to be the fabulous and historic town that is.  Markers, plaques, and monument signs are within easy reach and sight for anyone interested. There’s even an historic homes walking tour with map available at the Welcome Center. Norcross resident Gene Ramsey uses his time to track, interview, […]

Holiday 2018 gathering – more than just a party

The 2018 holiday gathering held at Kudzu Art Gallery is another example of the generosity of our members. Once again the club asked for donations to pass along to the Norcross Co-op Ministry. This year many members dropped off slippers, mittens, socks, and scarves. The group enjoyed some light jazzy music once we were seated for our meal. The food […]

Suwanee Towne Florist – Holiday Centerpiece Design

The Norcross Garden Club November meeting was presented by Daniel Tindol owner of Suwanee Towne Florist. During the program we learned some unexpected ways to make holiday floral centerpieces such as using a loaf pan as an arrangement base. Daniel quip that, “if it can hold water, it can hold a flower arrangement!” I couldn’t agree more with those sentiments. Daniel was so […]

Love your Garden, Love Yourself

Take a moment to think about the plants you tend to in your home or outside in the garden. You see a yellowed leaf, what do you do? You see the plant needs water, what do you do? You have developed a fertilizing regimen for your outside plants…why? Why do you care about plants? Maybe it’s because the plant was […]

Tasty treats and lessons learned too

Benjamin Franklin said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Learning new and exciting skills, acquiring knowledge from any source, and meeting the fabulous people willing to share their knowledge and skills and stories is what the Norcross Garden Club members hope to offer each and every person encountered. In October we had the pleasure of hosting Amanda Dew […]