It was without a doubt a collaboration of members to think outside the box for the 2020 annual plant sale. We began making plans to sell online, thanks to the proposed efforts of member and webmaster, Jolyn Barrow. Then we came up with 'divide and conquer'...that stuck and so it began that several members would open their driveways and yards over several weekends and offer for sale the plants that would have been all located at the club's cottage. What dedication by the members who provided their time and efforts. Wow, it really paid off and we extended the sale so we included the Garden Week in Ga.

2020 Garden Week in Georgia with a plant sale

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Plant Sale prep @ Norcross Garden Club
Apr 12 – Apr 15 all-day

All are encouraged to volunteer for one or more days to assist with Plant Sale prep. Every member that can work is needed. Plants will be setup in the cottage garden on the College Street side and in Heritage Park. Tasks include writing tags, trimming plants, and moving plants around.  Please sign up to help during this week.  Monday, April 12th is designated for bringing your plants to the cottage and is in place of our regular April meeting.

City Dig benefitting Scholarship Fund
Apr 25 all-day

More info to follow.