Challenge Two – February – Love

Artwork by JB

A Google search simply on the word love yields over 2 billion hits. That's crazy and awesome.

But what evokes love? For some, and as a noun, it could describe a feeling or the object of someone's life. As a verb, well, do you love me? Someone in your life may use the word freely and others will reserve the utterance of the very word to special and infrequent occasions. It seems a word that is different for different conditions. What about you? What does love mean to you?

In this month of February, it seemed fitting to include a challenge on L-O-V-E. Not in a marketing Valentine's Day way but in a reminder that each and every one of us deserves to be loved, to love, and to share love each and every day. What do you do to show yourself that you love yourself? Is it pampering by taking time to get a massage after a long day in the garden? Is it a much needed break to visit the glorious Kew gardens in London?

Is it simply putting a sticky note inside your partner's underwear drawer telling him or her you love them? They go there everyday, hopefully, so why not give them an unexpected piece of your mind and dare I say heart. We have many ways to show and express love but most importantly, show and remind yourself how much you love yourself. Even if you have to put the reminder in your own underwear drawer. This month's challenge: Love yourself and don't be afraid to tell yourself "You are loved"