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Upcoming Events

Garden Work Day - TBD (check calendar for scheduled days/times)

You are welcome to stop by anytime to keep the grounds spruced up.  Items to consider bringing: weeding tools, pruners, knee pad, bug spray, gloves and more.

Norcross Community Market:

The Norcross Community Market commences its 4th year June 1, 2019. Please come by and visit. You can check out their website for more information, to donate, or become a sponsor.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Betty Williams. She fell and broke her wrist and you can’t keep a good woman down! Betty managed to get herself together enough to judge the Hiawassee Flower Show today. I’m sure it would lift Betty’s spirits to hear from you.

Prayers and thoughts also go out to Barbara Wallin. She recently had her left parotid gland removed.

To send a card or wish please see Leanne's email for address details.