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Upcoming Events

Garden Work Day - TBD (check calendar for scheduled days/times)

You are welcome to stop by anytime to keep the grounds spruced up.  Items to consider bringing: weeding tools, pruners, knee pad, bug spray, gloves and more.

Norcross Community Market:

It was another great year for the club at the market. We began the season with a pollinator workshop where kids had the opportunity to create bee houses from rolled paper. Another three events promoted the club's participation in Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle robot contest. Finally, the club hosted an event where kids got to count pollinators in the garden. Great year. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers.

Thoughts and prayers go out to member Diane Reese and her family during this difficult time. Diane lost her son Jeff after battling colon cancer for the past several years.

To send a card or wish please see Leanne's email for address details.