Norcross Garden Club Supports “Rivers Alive!” Conservation Program

Pinnacle Park is the newest green space in Norcross. The city is transforming this previously vacant corporate site into a new city park, but the little creek that runs behind the new park needed some TLC, too. So on a chilly and drizzly October morning, members of the Norcross Garden Club joined other conservation-minded volunteers to clean debris from the banks and waters of Beaver Ruin Creek, where it runs behind the city-managed site.Volunteers donned rubber boots and rubber gloves so they could access debris which was either dumped directly into the stream, or carried by stormwaters that fill the little stream and accumulate trash as they flow down towards larger rivers. The Beaver Ruin Creek eventually flows into the Altamaha River, which empties into the Atlantic down near Brunswick. It’s not inconceivable that trash from Norcross could end up in the belly of a Loggerhead Turtle swimming off the Georgia coast.

Norcross Garden Club member Nancy O’Reilly and her husband John helped pull several loads of straws, plastic bottles, discarded cans and plastic grocery bags out of the little creek.

When the bags were filled with debris hauled out of the creek, they were taken to event headquarters, and sorted it into piles for recycling as well as “proper” disposal in designated landfills. At the end of the day, the City of Norcross sent a crew out to collect everything, ensuring the site was left clean and neat.

A special thank you to:
Beth & Brad Bahel, Diana Farmer, Tixie Fowler, Terry Sutton, John & Nancy O’Reilly, Leanne Penman, and Greg Cochran and Melissa Middleton
and Youth: Isabella Aguilar and Sierra Rayneg who represented the Norcross Garden Club at Saturday’s Rivers Alive Annual Stream Clean Up.