This week in the garden – vol 52


Plant Sale – APRIL 22 & 23 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Thank you all members and especially Cathy Nelmes and Leanne Penman who have worked tirelessly all year to make this fundraiser happen. 

Due to all the hard work from digs and members’ gardens, it sounds like we will have another excellent selection of plants. THANK YOU, NGC! Please remind your family, friends, and neighbors to come shop. For best selection, encourage them to shop on Friday if possible.

PARKING-Saturday is a busy day in downtown Norcross.  Members, please park by the Discovery Garden/Fire Station, the city lot below city hall or in the parking deck under the new library (use Britt Road, right past the cottage to get to the library parking)

Boxes- please bring all you have. We will store these on the cottage porch on Lawrenceville Street side until Sale Day.

  1.  Sign up to work- All Members Needed! Use this link for Sign Up Genius.    Thanks for signing up. It is going to be a fun time!

  1. PLANT SALE PREP KICK-OFF DAY is Monday, April 18th between 10-7 at the cottage. Wear your gardening clothes and bring your gloves, clippers, water bottle and a sharpie. Pull up past the cottage to the Heritage Park entrance to drop off plants to the tables on the sidewalk. Plants will then be carried to designated areas in Heritage Park once they are ready. Center tables in Heritage Park will be for plants that need cleaning up. Please try to have your plants labeled and dead leaves removed before bringing as it will help things move along faster. Labels are in a desk drawer on the cottage porch if you would like to pick up ahead of time.
  2. April 18-21 PLANT SALE PREP WEEK. Plan time on your calendar to help prep for our big event.
  3. Garden TREASURES should be brought to the cottage by Saturday, April 16th. If it is a valuable item, suggest a price - it might be adjusted, but it will help. Please place items in the cottage on or near table with unpriced items.  Questions? Nancy O 404-435-8579
  4. PLEASE ADVERTISE OUR SALE- social media, Next Door, Bulletin boards, your mailbox. Extra postcards and posters are at the cottage. Tell your family, friends, and neighbors!

SALE DAY!  Please arrive early so you can park, come in the cottage, sign in and pickup your nametag and apron. The side of the dining area will be for members only to check in (unless a visitor is interested in rentals).

  • Please share with guests about our rentals and our newly remodeled Kitchen.
  • Bring your smiles and your good cheer as this is a time when we can share why we are garden club members as we

o    Educate (share what we have learned, (our Master Gardeners will have on their name tags to help us),

o   Conserve (sharing the plants we have from our gardens, promote pollinator and native plants), and

o   Beautify (spread the love of gardening and these lovely plants).

  • Scholarship plants are plants donated from the city flower beds and potted by club members. The proceeds from the sale of these plants help provide scholarships to horticulturestudents.
  • Funds from sales of member's donated plants support Norcross Garden Club projects and the Garden Club of Georgia projects.The sale proceeds also support the ongoing care and maintenance of our cottage and garden.


  • The plan as of now is to place pass-along plants in Heritage Park.
  • House plants and treasures will be located inside and near the cottage.
  • On Friday, we are hosting our friends from Annandaleand their plants. All proceeds from their plant sales will go to Annandale. They will use a separate check out ticket for their plant sales.
  • All payments will be at the tent in Heritage Park.

  Welcome our guests.  Direct them to the different areas in which they are interested.

  • As they begin gathering plants, create a name card and make a spot for them on one of the center tables.
  • When they are finished shopping, tally up the plants (use a calculator if needed). Send the guest along with the tally sheet to the checkout tent.
  • Sue Wyatt and Jeanette Shewbert are our cashiers.We accept cash, card, and pay-pal.
  • While the guest is in the payment line, their plants with their name tag will be taken up to sidewalk tables for pick up after purchase. Please use caution as we don’t want to mix or lose plants.
  • Depending on traffic and parking on Saturday, we may have to use wagons to deliver plants to cars. If you know of any teenagers needing volunteer hours, please ask them to work at our sale.
  • Around 3pm on Saturday we will move plants back to the cottage garden. This is to free up Heritage Park for a wedding.

Don’t forget member sales need to be paid by end of day on Saturday so bring your cash or your checkbook. The final deadline is Wednesday the 27th but it would help our treasurer if most payments were made by Saturday.

Any questions or concerns during the sale please direct to Nancy or Jenny. We will do our best to help.  

Please bring the pull tabs from drink cans and food cans to the cottage. Trudy will bring these to the Fulton Federation meeting on May 10th.

THANK YOU for all you do to make our annual sale a success.  A Happy and Blessed Easter to All!