This week in the garden – vol 62

A Garden Tour Treat-Thursday, July 14, 9:00am - 11:30am!

We have an opportunity to view three members’ gardens and socialize with Garden Club friends.  Visit Kathy Sumner, Gail Thompson, and Susan Welch in their beautiful gardens.  They are happy to show you around and answer any questions.  Gail and Susan live in the same general area so that might help in your planning.  SEE YOU THERE!! Questions, contact Saundy.

 Jazz in the Alley, Saturday, July 16th, 7:30pm, featuring Unknown Lyric

The Cottage Garden (facing Lawrenceville St.) is the perfect spot to enjoy the Jazz in the Alley Band. BYO chair and refreshments.

Summer Book Club-Thursday, July 28th, 7:30P at the Cottage

Join club members in reading Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants” by Robin Wall Kimmerer.  Highly recommended read by Staci Catron during the Cherokee Garden Club Library tour at the Atlanta History Center. An excerpt from the Amazon review: “Drawing on her life as an Indigenous scientist, and as a woman, Kimmerer shows how other living beings―asters and goldenrod, strawberries and squash, salamanders, algae, and sweetgrass―offer us gifts and lessons, even if we've forgotten how to hear their voices.”

Two Reminders

Send pictures of plants that you will dig for the Fall Plant Sale to Gena Spears.   Questions about plants for the Fall Sale, please contact Kathy Sumner.

Please review the Help Wanted opportunities. See attached list.   Contact Nancy or Jenny for questions or more information.

Fulton Federation needs to fill Vacant Positions for 2022-2023

The Fulton Federation of Garden Clubs is looking for a few Garden Club members to fill some vacant positions for 2022-23.  See the list below.  Trudy needs a response by the middle of August in order to complete the Fulton Federation Yearbook. Please contact Trudy Rudert for questions or more information. 

Secretary who is a member of the FF Executive Committee and the FF Board

FF Bylaws Section 3. The Secretary shall

  • a.  Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the Federation, the Executive Committee, and the Board, and shall distribute minutes from those meetings in a timely fashion.
  • b.  Shall maintain an accurate list of those attending each meeting and their club’s name for an annual Attendance Award.
  • c.  Shall handle all correspondence for the Federation as directed by the President.
  • d.  Send out meeting information via email to all Club and Society Presidents, Representatives, and Board Members.

Financial Chair: Audit the Treasurer's books between the May Awards Luncheon and the first meeting in September.

Hospitality Chair:  Arrange for 4 different clubs to be responsible for Hospitality at one of the regular meetings.  Remind them of their agreed upon responsibility prior to the meeting at which they agreed to host.

Inspiration Chair:  Provide an inspiration to be read at each of the regular meetings and at the Awards Luncheon.  If possible, be present to read the inspiration or at least notify the FF President that you are unable to attend, and we will get someone in attendance to read the inspiration.

Cottage Garden

Thanks to the gardeners who braved the heat to help create space for the new pollinator garden.  Please come by with a friend and give even a 1/2 hour of weeding or deadheading. Every little bit helps.

Floral Arranging Books

Sandy Pagano donated floral arranging books to our club.  Some of the books are required for the August classes being offered by the National Garden Club.  If you are planning to take the course, please feel free to pick up the books at the cottage.

Norcross Earth Team (NET) Sculpture Awards Clarification

Sixteen sculpture art projects were submitted to the Garden Club of Georgia state competition. Eleven of those won first, second, and third place. The four first place state winners advanced to the Deep South where they also placed for awards. Congratulations to All-Youth, Parents, Norcross Garden Club and Sustainable Norcross volunteers!

Martha Hermann Has moved

Past long-time member, Martha Hermann has moved to Delmar Gardens. Martha’s husband Bob passed away Saturday evening. Bob's illness and her move to assisted living has been very stressful for Martha. Please keep her in your prayers.

Norcross Community Market-Thrasher Park

Every Wednesday from May through August 4-7pm.  Sign up to subscribe to weekly newsletter

Norcross Happenings-See attached Norcross July Newsletter.  Please note the band listed for Jazz in the Alley in the Newsletter has been replaced by "Unknown Lyric.