What members are growing…

You would think that members of a garden club would be delighted to share their hard work and passions from their own gardens, and you’d be right. Here are a few. We’ll keep adding as they become available. Enjoy.

From Trudy’s deck:

Whether in a container or in a garden bed, coleus are very hardy colorful additions to any garden. Here’s some info on their care and varieties.

From Jolyn’s garden:
Peanut Pumpkin

Peanut Pumpkin seeds were planted too early and harvest of these delicious edible pumpkins was completed the first week of July. Jolyn peeled the pumpkins, roasted the pulp (no seasoning or oil), pureed the pulp and placed in Mason jars for freezing. Turns out the home cook cannot safely can pumpkin and the safest way to enjoy the fruits of your labor is to freeze pumpkin. It thaws fine and tastes like mashed potatoes. Add to muffins or just by themselves, this delicious pumpkin puree is a tasty addition to the freezer pantry.