Why Native Plants?


You Have to Like the Caterpillars to Love the Birds. – Barbara Dorfman

September 9, 2019

What a kickoff to the new garden club season! Over 40 members new and old in attendance. Barbara Dorfman of the Georgia Native Plant Society gave a great presentation on, “Why Native Plants”. Barbara is a landscape consultant who encouraged us as well as her clients to, “garden with wildlife in mind.” It was delightful to hear her wealth of information and her love for our home state. Barbara's passion is infectious! She brought up some great issues we all need to be conscious of as we tend our gardens. First, we need to reconsider our use of insecticides. There is a great decline in bees due to insecticides. In fact, many farmers now have to rent bees to pollinate their farms. Second be conscious of the decline in birds. Wild birds are on the decline due to loss of habitat (construction), household cats and windows. However, don't despair! There is something we can each do to give the birds and the bees a habitat in our own backyard.

Be a part of the Community Wildlife Project: Gardeners have an opportunity to be “stewards of the land” by improving the diversity of insects, birds and native plants in both home and community gardens. We can create the ideal habitat for non-game wildlife and manage plant habitats one person at a time, one backyard at a time.

Be a conscientious gardener and certify your garden. You will be greatly rewarded. “plant America- nurture the garden we call Georgia.”

If you are unsure what is "native", here is a brief list of common names for 20 woody plants and perennials that are native to our region and support the biodiversity of our terrain.

Oak Goldenrod
Black cherry Asters
Willow Sunflower
Birch Boneset
Poplar Morning glory
Crabapple Sedges
Blueberry Honeysuckle
Elm Lupine
Pine Geraniums
Hickory Violets

For more plants and information visit the Georgia Native Plant Society websites: www.gnps.org