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Plant Sale Prep – helpful hints

Cathy Nelmes (L) inspecting plants at 2020 Plant Sale

Prep a pot with leaves:

Prepping the plant weeks in advance of the plant sale, not days, is critical to showing off the plant like showing off your Sunday best at Easter. Pretty dress, hat, shoes, suit, or purse, not all wrinkled and disheveled.

One way to help us is presenting the plants by using a minimal amount of soil (this makes the pot lighter) and supplementing the pot with leaves to keep the roots moist. Watering the potted plants while waiting to deliver to The Cottage is critical too. If you have questions about what plants are good or not, see Cathy's note below. Contact Cathy if you have any questions.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who helped with DIGS this past Monday and Saturday. The

Plant sale is looking good due to members along with Cathy and Leanne’s guidance.

Important Information from Cathy - Plant Sale Chairperson

Highly desirable plants: hellebores, Hosta’s, hydrangeas, herbs and native plants.

There are reasons for not bringing plants to the plant sale.

A message from Cathy - Plant Sale Dig Chair

Some plants are on the state invasive plant list, some plants are highly toxic to wild life or people, and some plants are just too darn prolific. On the other hand, there are plants that garner limited interest from our customers for varying reasons; if the plant is little known and it’s a special plant, we love it! It’s a matter of education. Others are very common and we need in limited numbers, unknown color day lilies and irises being a good example. So, if you have any doubts about species or numbers please do check with me and I will tell you what I can. I think if you ask any five-plant people in the club you will find that we all have prejudices for and against different plants.

>> Plants not to bring: Japanese privet, walking iris, Nandini, leatherleaf mahonia and sweet autumn clematis. Cathy Nelmes (404) 455-9537

Electronic Signup for Plant Sale Prep and Plant Sale Days

Below is a link to the Sign-Up page for plant sale prep week and the plant sale days.

Norcross Garden Club 2021 Plant Sale