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Diggin’ This

The Club is committed to educating, beautifying, conserving and what better way than supporting Native Wildflowers?

The Norcross Garden Club and its members love to be involved in the community. Here are some links you can use to be involved too:

Gardens for Growing Community

UGA’s “GA Pollinator Census”— Summerour and Home School students are identifying and counting carpenter bees, bumblebees, and honey bees and properly recording their findings!  It’s “learning by doing” and discovering “science is fun” in the garden!

The long-awaited Greenhouse is up and open for teaching and learning.  Thanks to Lowes for the grant and helping get it built.

Arboring Dreams - a thoughtful story with pictures

Arboring Dreams

Follow Gardens for Growing Community on Facebook and visit our website to find out what’s happening in the Summerour Garden and other projects.  Volunteers and visitors are always welcome!  Contact Tixie Fowler (gardens4growingcommunity@gmail.com)

Mitchell Wall Project

The Mitchell Wall Project has engaged 100's of students and locals who may or may not be crafty artist types BUT 100% want to join an exciting local cause. Public art is more than just fun, it's a way to connect meaningfully with the people who live near you. Local artist and Norcross Elementary Teacher Bobbie Adamczyk, is the inspiration and leader of a movement that goes far beyond art and cultural awareness. With an expected completion date of March 2018, the community-led project will turn the brown retaining wall on Mitchell Road into a canvas that celebrates community and nature and will be a public art piece intended to cultivate community awareness, strengthen relationships and develop civic pride.  Keep up to date on progress by liking and following Mitchell Wall Project on Facebook.

City of Norcross-Events, calendar, information, etc.

http://www.norcrossga.net and www.aplacetoimagine.com

Norcross Moves Me!  Update: Due to 2020 global health issues, we've temporarily suspended group walking until further notice. A 50+ walking group. Every Saturday and Sunday morning. Meet at Thrasher Park pavilion at 8:30AM.  Let’s get moving!  Fantastic way to meet new friends and visit with old friends. Contact Jolyn Barrow for more information.

Keep it Local! —Dine, shop and support the Arts!  It’s fun and supports our local economy!

Norcross Gallery and Art Studio:   Great art, free admission. Check website for class schedules and exhibits Norcross Gallery And Studio

LionHeart Theatre: www.lionhearttheatre.org  check website for current and upcoming performances 

Keep up to date on projects, programs and volunteer opportunities by liking these Facebook sites 

Sustainable Norcross on Facebook For more information about Sustainable Norcross events/activities, email: sustainablenorcross@gmail.com or call 404-229-7077.

Norcross Discovery Park on Facebook

GardensforGrowingCommunity on Facebook 

Friends-of-Johnson-Dean-Forest on Facebook  (Take a stroll on the trail!)

Norcross Community Market- Contact norcrosscommunitymarket@gmail.com for more info.