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2020 Garden Diary

What's in your garden? Let's build a 2020 garden diary

Submit pictures of what you're doing in your garden, inspiration you find when walking around your neighborhood, or let us see what's budding in your garden.

In a recent email from GCG president, Barbara Bourque, mentions:

"My own club started a Garden Diary - club members submit photos/captions of what is currently blooming in their yard,  or a note about what they accomplished in the garden that day. These photos/notes are compiled on pages (in Publisher)  and every several days the newest pages are sent out  as PDFs via email to the whole membership. Members then 'reply to all'  with comments on the beautiful plantings or kudos for a job well done.  Everyone looks forward to receiving these regular emails and is loving to stay connected even though we cannot meet.  This will be an ongoing project for April & May. When complete, we will have a two month diary showcasing the changing beauty of members' gardens."