Suwanee Towne Florist – Holiday Centerpiece Design

The Norcross Garden Club November meeting was presented by Daniel Tindol owner of Suwanee Towne Florist. During the program we learned some unexpected ways to make holiday floral centerpieces such as using a loaf pan as an arrangement base. Daniel quip that, "if it can hold water, it can hold a flower arrangement!" I couldn't agree more with those sentiments. Daniel was so much fun and you can experience him and all his quips for yourself at his Wine and Design Flower Arranging Workshops that he holds monthly at his shop.

Throughtout the evening he shared some of his most famous flower orders including one for my favorite gal, Dolly Parton. He recaps as he pleads with Dolly's security staff to hand deliver her flower arrangement. He delighted us with stories about celebrities, wedding fiascos, private parties he even made a story of him accidentally cutting off the tip of his finger lighthearted. Daniel inspired us all to create beautiful arrangements for our holiday tables using a variety of beautiful blooms mixed in with some inexpensive items like Dollar Tree ornaments and of course foliage we can collect from outside.