Love your Garden, Love Yourself

Take a moment to think about the plants you tend to in your home or outside in the garden. You see a yellowed leaf, what do you do? You see the plant needs water, what do you do? You have developed a fertilizing regimen for your outside plants…why? Why do you care about plants? Maybe it’s because the plant was given to you on a special occasion and you continue to care for the plant to remind you of that special event or the person that connects you to the plant. Perhaps it was in the landscape plan and it cost money you don’t want to see wasted. Maybe the plants in your garden get your attention each evening after a grueling day at the office because you know that yanking on the weeds is somewhat mindless and works wonders for releasing your day’s pent up frustration.

The care and attention to plants inside or out can be analogous to the care and attention we should consider giving our bodies, mind, and spirit. Saturday, January 13, 2018, the Norcross Garden Club hosted a very special monthly meeting. One, it was our first in recent times to occur on a Saturday, two, it was very well attended and the soup was fabulous, and three, the presenters, Rabia Vaughns and Lenka Taylor, were stand out guests.

Linda and Lenka

Lenka provided in-chair massages for those who desired a bit of TLC. Lenka has much experience helping folks not only ease sore muscles but assisting her patients find the root causes of their physical discomfort. This approach often helps someone being medicated with drugs eliminate the need for medicine by helping the body heal from stress, strain, and other discomfort through muscle manipulation. If you’re interested in Lenka’s services, she is located in Peachtree Corners and can be reached at: 770.815.4202.

Rabia treated the audience to a very informative discussion on the correlations of plant care and a person’s well-being. At the onset of the discussion, many were intrigued simply by the purpose of the presentation: “To explore ways you can utilize your knowledge and experience of plant health and gardening to optimize your own health and wellbeing.” Rabia explained many facets of a person’s well-being, eating better by consuming a rainbow of colors, primarily from plants, reducing/handling stress, and exercise to name a few while continually painting the picture with analogies of plant care. To reach out to and learn more about Rabia, you can find her at: New Life Wellness in addition, she can be reached via text/cell: 706.688.9355.

While we all would like to achieve optimal health and well-being for our plants and gardens, we all walked away cognizant the same is true for ourselves.

One member was so inspired, she has suggested the club take on a year long challenge to improve all member’s well-being. The challenge for some could be as simple as walking to the mailbox to get your mail instead of using the car. For others it could be using the lifting and pulling of plants and buckets as a form of strength training. And yet for others, it could be just the push they need to lose those extra 40 pounds that have pushed them into the obesity range. Stay tuned for monthly inspiration, tips, and healthy recipes that are sure to keep anyone interested in maintaining the love for your garden when you stop to love yourself.