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Centerpiece idea for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Fun with Flowers 

by: Marge Willis ~ Fun with Flowers Chairman, GCG 

I LOVE Thanksgiving! It is about football, counting our blessings, being with family and good food! LOVE decorating for Thanksgiving! You don’t have to know the art of arranging flowers to create a beautiful centerpiece for the dining room table. A thankful walk around your yard, a few small pumpkins/gourds and a low container is all you will need. 

Collect in your yard pinecones, fresh sprigs of hardy greenery such as boxwood, pittosporum, cedar, Little Gem magnolia to name a few. Get a low container, like in the attached picture. I have what my mama called a bread bowl (a wooden bowl that our parents/grandparents would mix dough in for bread). Don’t have one, a casserole dish or even a piece of weathered wood works great. Using small pumpkins (what is called Pie Pumpkins) and/or any type of Fall colorful gourds, place them in/on your container. Once you have them placed, just tuck sprigs of greenery between and around. A pinecone here and there, maybe a little Spanish moss draping around and down (pull moss from trees not from ground unless you want to have redbugs). That is it! You can put a few candles around, advise using the ones that are glass contained or better yet, BATTERY OPERATED.  

Have Fun with Flowers during this thankful holiday. GOBBLE GOBBLE and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!