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Plant Sale Dig – an all year project?


It takes a tremendous amount of effort to put together the ultimate plant sale. Cathy Nelmes' along with her expertise, guidance, patience, love for plants, and the list goes on, has been helping The Club for so many successful plant sales. This year, 2020, has been a challenge that has tested us as a community of gardeners, members, volunteers, and conscientious individuals. Take a look at this snippet, and it really is a snippet, of what it takes to bring our customers the very best. Please mark your calendar for the April 16-17 2021 plant sale. You definitely don't want to miss it.


City of Norcross plant beds

Who can resist plants that are free? The Norcross Garden Club is at it again this year with the generous support of the City of Norcross. Twice a year the planting beds around the city get replaced and The Club is the lucky recipient of the plants being transitioned out...but the catch, volunteers have to dig them up before the new plantings arrive. Call in the calvary.

Check out all of the folks who participated:

To the rescue - City Plants 4.17.2020

21 Members Strong - City Plants 10.18.2020

Plants to Beautify

No matter the time of year, there's always beauty to behold in the garden. Check out these lovelies offered in November to members. Great deals don't have to wait until April. Beauty Abounds  Pssst, not a member? Want to become a member?

March dig - just in time for plant sale 2020

It truly is a year round project and this year we had to be very creative, cautious, and caring for the plants The Club offered for the plant sale. Two Productive Days in March 2020