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This week in the garden – vol. 22

Thank You‘s

Thank you to all our Pollinator Counters. You made a Difference! And Thank you to our Award-Winning Earth Team for organizing. Twenty-two “census takers” participated in our workshop at Discovery Garden. See Photos at end.  Members, please let Leanne know if you participated in the Pollinator Census. (LeannePenman2@gmail.com)

Thanks to Rosemary Wickham for the special treat of sharing her lovely garden and to Leanne Penman for organizing the event for 18 members and guests on Friday evening.

Important Dates!

Executive Board Meeting August 23rd 7:30-8:30

New Member Orientation August 24th 7:00- 8:00

First Meeting – Tuesday Sept 14th 7pm. Invitation coming soon


An organizational meeting for youth activities for the NORCROSS EARTH TEAM is scheduled for 6:00 pm Monday, August 30, at the cottage. Tixie Fowler, Trudy Rudert and Leanne Penman welcome any new energy to this award-winning youth team. To receive the GCG, Garden Club of Georgia, Standard of Excellence Youth Garden Club award five activities are required throughout the year. All are welcome to attend and to share ideas. If you’re unable to attend the meeting on the 30th but would love to participate with our youth, contact LeannePenman2@gmail.com.

Small Program/Workshop, Tuesday, August 31st, 7P-Garden Club Cottage

Cathy Nelmes and Gail Thompson are hosting a small program/workshop, “Enhancing our Fall Landscape”.  If you would like to participate, please RSVP to Cathy via email or text by Thursday, August 26th. (Cathy: raynelmes@aol.com; 404.455.9537) We are limiting the number of participants, so please RVSP.

We hope this workshop will start a series of small gatherings at the cottage during the upcoming year.  Please contact Saundy Kittle, Program Vice President, if you would like to bring a topic, start a garden book club, teach a skill, host a garden walk or in some other way bring together small groups in our lovely cottage.  (Saundy: nanee7@bellsouth.net; 256-227-1106).

Friday, September 19th 11am

Gwinnett Tech Horticulture Programs Green House Tour

Green House is in Lawrenceville. Thank you to Dolores Stewart for organizing.  RSVP familiastewartingeorgia@yahoo.com.


2022 Atlanta Botanical Garden Flower Show- Fri, Feb. 25 – Sun, Feb. 27, 2022

Registration is open for exhibitors interested in competing in the 2022 Atlanta Botanical Garden Flower Show. Those interested in registering in the divisions of Photography, Floral Design and Horticulture classes H.05, H.20 and H.21 can view the Exhibitor’s Guide and register online at ABGFlowerShow.org. With the theme Metamorphosis, the show will feature thousands of plant specimens in floral design, horticulture, photography, landscaping, and Japanese Ikebana.


A SPECIAL thank you to our Norcross Earth TEAM!

Many of you took time out of your day to observe and to count pollinators in the Discovery Garden Park. The University of Georgia and the Norcross Garden Club would like to thank our citizen scientists for participating. We can make a difference in the world in which we live. Please join us again next year for the annual census. Friends are always invited. Here are some photos from Saturday’s Great Georgia Pollinator Census

Comment from member, Susan Ruchala:“Great pics and a wonderful morning enjoying nature with our friends (both insect and human) . Thank you for sharing and for everything you do to create connections and community, Leanne and Trudy!”

The earlier group shown here. Others arrived intermittently between the hours of 9:30 and 11:00 am with participation totaling 22.

A father son team, Mihir and Nitin Gupta, take fifteen minutes to count pollinators who land on one plant during the annual Great Georgia Pollinator Census.