Hot off the Press – National Winners

Norcross Garden Club wins FOUR 1st PLACE Awards AT NATIONAL! 

Members of the Garden Club of Georgia attended the National Garden Clubs Convention in Biloxi, MS and came home with awards that we, the Norcross Garden Club, are to be congratulated. 

1) Thanks to Jolyn Barrow, our website (designed and maintained by club member) has won first place IN THE NATION

2) Thanks to Tixie Fowler among others, our Conservation Education programs have won us first place IN THE NATION!

3) Thanks to Carol MacGregor, Sandy Pagano, Tixie Fowler, Trudy Rudert and all who have helped develop & maintain our Cottage “pollinator” Garden and those who helped educate the public during the 2018 farmers market. You have earned us a first place IN THE NATION on Pollinators! 

4) Thanks to Tixie Fowler, Trudy Rudert and all who helped us earn first place IN THE NATION for Youth Horticulture Achievement, thank you for your dedication!

Note: These awards were based on our large club status of 60 to 99 members.