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Rewards and awards

Another year and more awards. 2020 is the best year EVER.

First...yes that’s us. The Norcross Garden Club won number ONE garden club in the state of Georgia.

Check out the blog where the 2020 awards are highlighted. Awesome job everyone.

It's only been a year in the Dogwood District club but there's no mistaking the presence the Norcross Garden Club makes. We're all very proud of our performance. The awards were announced and presented at the 91st GCG convention held April 16-19, 2019, in Columbus, Ga.

Our club qualifies as a large club with a membership between 60-99. With the direction of our current president, Leanne Penman and numerous members, numerous awards were sought in an effort to further our commitment to beautifying, conserving, and educating. Check out this performance.

At the state of Georgia level and through the Garden Club of Georgia we placed in these categories:

1stPlace– # 8 Conservation Project Award – Submitted by Leanne Penman

2ndPlace– #10 Garden Therapy Award - submitted #40 Gardens For the Challenge not #10 – Submitted by Teresa Stoker

1stPlace– #41 Herb Award – Submitted by Teresa Stoker

1stPlace– #50 Gardening Award – Submitted by Cathy Nelmes

1stPlace– #51 Butterfly Conservation Award – Submitted by Carol MacGregor & Leanne Penman

1stPlace– #53 Website Award – Submitted by Jolyn Barrow & Leanne Penman

1stPlace– #J-5 Youth Conservation Award – Submitted by Tixie Fowler & Leanne Penman


Check out these awards from Deep South for large clubs:

2ndPlace– #23Aiii Conservation Award – Submitted by the GCG

3rd Place– #16Aiii Butterfly Conservation Award – Submitted by the GCG

In a recent email from long time member, 30 years, Florence Lytle, she wanted everyone to know:

I just read the minutes of the April 30, 2019 meeting and I want to let all of you know that I am overwhelmed with pride in our Garden Club and all of its members.  WOW!

All 6 of those first place awards at the State Convention and 1 runner-up to First Place!  All of you   who took the time to work on each one and submit an entry have to be proud, very proud and deservedly so!
I enjoyed reading all of the minutes and reports of the chairmen and especially the healthy state of our finances.  Yes, I remember when I joined we had about $124.00 in the treasury, that was 30 years ago this November and even with inflation, it is was not a lot of money.  We persevered in those early days of my membership and that was the goal, to keep improving.  I know a lot of faces up above are smiling on us! God certainly has!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and lots of love to all of you,