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This Week In The Garden – vol. 91

March Meeting-Tuesday, March 14th at the Cottage

6:00pm-Social; 6:30pm-8pm– Meeting and Program

Robert Brennan will help us improve our yards and give us awesome ideas to use in our landscapes with his good humor and incredible years of knowledge. He is a former UGA Professor. Please RSVP to Debbie Boyd by Friday, March 10th (Debbie.boyd@comcast.net).)

Annual Spring Plant Sale --Thursday and Friday April 27th-April 28th
From Kathy Sumner:

Get ready everyone! We’re starting to book digs and will need help with digging, potting, labeling, and help to store plants until the sale. Let Kathy know if you need help digging or just need pots and labels. Let’s make this the best sale ever. But to do that we need everyone’s help. Let me know what you can do.  Remember to save the sale dates and time during the preceding week on your calendar. We need all hands on deck to prepare for the sale. Questions? Contact Kathy Sumner (text:678.357.8684)

Discovery Garden Park-Garden Bed

Our garden bed at Discovery Garden is ready to plant. If you would like to start planting, please let Kathy Sumner know (678-357-8684).

National Garden Clubs-Garden School Course 4-Zoom Class March 20-21

Attached is a brochure for National Garden Clubs (NGC) Sponsored Garden School Course 4 to be held via ZOOM on March 20-21, 2023. If you wish to refresh for Gardening School, or start your four-part series by taking Course 4, this is a great on-line opportunity.  No need to take courses in numerical order.  Please see the attached brochure for details and registration.

Lost and Found- This book was left on a table in the cottage. Please let us know if it was left to add to the Little Library.  If it was left by mistake, please pick it up from the cottage.

Georgia Arbor Day Celebration

The students were treated to a yummy, frosted tree cookie to munch on during Arborist Rick Barnes's presentation and a takeaway goodie bag. The goodie bag included a set of color pencils, a tree coloring book, an invitation to a free summer camp and a 30 day #Playoutside activity/journal to encourage outside activities. The youth are to track outside activities to connect with nature, away from screen time. To better understand the project, instructions were included in both English and Spanish. Once the youth have completed the journal a personal award certificate will be presented. This National Garden Clubs PLANT AMERICA initiative can be shared with others. If you or a friend would like to participate, contact LeannePenman2@gmail.com for the #Playoutside journal.

Thank you to members who volunteered their time to participate in the Arbor Day celebration. Shown here assembling “goodie bags” left to right: Trudy Rudert, Debbie Boyd, Kathy Sumner, Michelle Osbourne (Norcross Tree Preservation Board), and Chelsea Youmans. Participants not pictures are Jane Cunningham, Julie Fitzgerald, Tixie Fowler, John O’Reilly, Leanne Penman and Dolores Romero-Stewart

Six students were selected from each of the third grade classes from Norcross Elementary and assisted Mayor Craig Newton in the planting of a native Sourwood tree.

Mayor Craig Newton greets the students of Norcross Elementary with several high fives

The Norcross Garden Club partnered with the City of Norcross, the Norcross Tree Preservation Board, Sustainable Norcross, Norcross Gallery & Studios and Gardens for Growing Community and to celebrate Georgia Arbor Day with city residents as well as 143 students from Norcross Elementary at City Hall on Friday, February 24th. Six students were selected from each of the third grade classes to assist Mayor Craig Newton in the planting of a native Sourwood tree. NOTE: The Sourwood tree attracts pollinators with its "Lily of the Valley like" blossoms and yellow pale fruit. They are fairly fast growing with a mature height ranging from 25 ft in the landscape and up to 60ft in the wild. These trees are incredibly long-lived, with average lifespans between 100 and 200 years and have red autumn foliage. Sourwood honey is esteemed by many.

Norcross Elementary third grade students celebrate Georgia Arbor Day. The month of February is a perfect time to plant a tree in the state of Georgia. Each student has been challenged to participate in the National Garden Clubs PLANT AMERICA #Playoutside project. A journal was placed in each student’s takeaway “goodie bag” and those students who complete the 30-day project will be rewarded with a personal certificate.